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spectacular summer breeze punch

Punch Bowl Collection & Punch Recipe

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Annual Fried Green Turkey Burger

Monday I made what it appears to be our Annual Fried Green Turkey Burger Tradition.  At my husband's request I made them for dinner.   As long as those tomatoes are still coming in the garden, … [Read More...]

Chicken Pot Pie

Semi Homemade Chicken Pot Pie

Does your family love pot pie? Well, here's a semi homemade chicken pot pie recipe to make for your family. … [Read More...]

simple chicken dinner

A Simple Chicken Dinner

If I can file this meal under any category, I'll file it under simple. Simple as that. I prepare meals like this on days I don't want to spend much time in the kitchen or when I have a lot to do. One … [Read More...]

fried chipotle tilapia5

Fried Chipotle Tilapia

I go through phases when I love an ingredient, I want to see what all it can do.  So, I'll bake it, fry it, boil it....and I enjoy every bit of it.  Here's a good spicy recipe you'll love to cook for … [Read More...]

Peach Pineapple Mint Refresher Drink

Peach Pineapple Mint Refresher

During the hot summer months I love a cold refreshing drink to enjoy. Here's a great drink for the upcoming Holidays or just because you want to. Ingredients 1 Can of Peaches 1 Can of Sliced … [Read More...]

Fish Bites

Tilapia Fish Bites for the Kids

            I'm always looking for lunch ideas for my daughter.  I'm not fond of frozen meals in a box when it comes to my I have to … [Read More...]

Kitchen Organization: Coffee/Drink Bar

I'm back with a look at my Coffee/Drink Bar that I organized last week. This weekend I placed labels on all of the containers and re-purposed some Starbucks bottles. Check out the video below and feel … [Read More...]


Barbeque Pulled Roast Sandwich

There's nothing like cooking with my crock pot. There are times when I have something cooking and forget it's cooking. That's when I ask, " who's cooking something? " Then, I realize..... I'm the … [Read More...]

bread chalkboard label

Kitchen Organization: Wooden Chalkboard Labels

I've been a Labeling Queen ever since I brought a label-er a couple weeks ago.  Where had it been all my life?!  Long story short... I wanted to put chalkboard labels on all of my canister, containers … [Read More...]